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EPIK (English Program in Korea) helps Korean students and teachers to improve English-speaking abilities and develop cultural exchange between Korea and abroad.


Native English Speaker and citizen of one of the designated countries hold a bachelors degree

Work Description

Teach and assist Korean teachers with their English classes 22 instructional hrs/wk

Contract Period

1 year


Settlement allowance, furnished housing, severance pay, entrance allowance, renewal allowance, compulsory medical insurance, EPIK orientation

When to Apply

  • Spring Semester (program starts in February) : September-November
  • Fall Semester (program starts in August) : March-May

How to Apply

Email required documents (epikapplication@gmail.com) >>Interview>>Submit required documents>>Review >>Result notice

For More Information

  • Korean Education Center in Chicago
  • Website.www.niied.go.kr
  • Tel. 82-2-3668-1300

EPIK Official Website


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