Online Korean Language Classes

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[ LEVEL 1 ]

Feb.23~May 25 (Tue, 14 classes)

6:30~8 PM

Ms. Inseon Lee

Class Information

This class covers the Korean alphabet and our textbook Active Korean 1 Chapter 1~4

안녕하세요! Beginner Level 1 is designed for those who have no (or very limited) prior knowledge of the Korean language.

Students will be able to understand the principles of Hangul, the Korean writing system, as well as reading and proper pronunciation.

We will cover basic greetings and students will learn to introduce themselves to others in Korean, as well as vocabulary for common conversational topics like food, jobs, and locations.

The class will be done remotely by utilizing Zoom meetings, breakouts, and whiteboards to mediate classroom interactions.

Inseon Lee is an Illinois licensed Korean language instructor. She has 5 years of experience teaching in public schools and universities.