Online Korean Language Classes

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[ LEVEL 3-1 ]

Feb.23~May 25 (Tue, 14 classes)

6:30~8 PM

Ms. Hanae Kim


Class Information

This class covers our textbook Active Korean 2 Chapter 1~4

The class time (using Zoom) will be spent on speaking and listening practices so I can provide immediate feedback on your pronunciation and grammar errors.

Students are required to review lecture slides and take the online quiz before class.

The class time will NOT be used to explain the grammar rules.

The class time will be used to go over the mistakes on the quiz and for more speaking practices.

(The online quiz will not be graded individually.)

Hanae Kim is a Korean language instructor and a doctoral student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She has years of experience in teaching Korean to a wide range of ages in various settings.