2019 GKS (Global Korea Scholarship)

Updated: Feb 6

In 2019, Korean Government's Global Korea Scholarship program aims to invite 840 international students from 155 countries who wish to pursue a graduate level degree (master's or doctoral) or research in Korea.

To be selected as a GKS (KGSP) grantee, an applicant must successfully pass the 1st round of selection process set by the Korean embassy where he or she holds the citizenship or NIIED-designated Korean universities.

Please first check the "2019 GKS-G Application Guidelines", "2019 GKS-G University Information" and attached files below for qualifications, the list of countries invited to take part in our program, available universities and majors, application procedures, application forms, and further requirements.

  • Application Deadline for applicants in the Midwestern United States :

March 15th, 2019 (Friday) - All the required documents need to arrive by 3/15/19

to Chicago Korean Education Center (9935 Capitol Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090)

  • Please send us your resume in addition to all the required documents.

  • Questions : kec.chicago@gmail.com / 847-777-8830


1. 2019 GKS-G Application Form

2. 2019 GKS-G Application Guidelines

3. 2019 GKS-G Application FAQs

4. 2019 GKS-G University Information

5. 2019 GKS-G Available Universities and Field of Study

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