2019 Summer Program in Korea for Korean regular class students

Korean Education Center of New York is excited to invite you to apply for 2nd annual “2019 Summer Program in Korea for U.S. Students”. As you continue your journey in learning the Korean language, this will be a great opportunity to go beyond the classroom and books, and be immersed in Korea's culture.

During the trip, you will gain a better understanding of its rich history, experience its modern day culture, and engage with native Korean students. You will make new

friends with participants from around the U.S. and unforgettable memories to share!


- Number of Participants : 30 students from Northeastern/Midwestern/Southern states

- Date of Program : July 3 - July 17, 2019 (15 days 14 nights)

- Fee : $500 (All other costs are funded by Korean Ministry of Education)

- Program : Visit historical and cultural sites, Visit museums, Attend seminars and visit Korean Schools, Experience the authentic culture of Korea

* Application form will be provided via Korean regular class teachers, and the teacher recommendation will be needed.

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