G20 Global Leadership Program

KDI School of Public Policy and Management will be holding its first G20 Global Leadership Program for 2020 on March 17th ~ 27th, 2020.

The intensive two-week program will include an overview of Korea's development experiences, Development Policy and G20 agenda issues such as quality infrastructure, climate change & green growth, sustainable development, international trade, aging population, 4th industrial revolution and strengthening of the financial system. 

The program also incorporates a field study tour to other parts of the Korean peninsula. In order to witness firsthand Korea’s development experiences, participants will be given an opportunity to visit key industrial and cultural sites.

This program has been designed for experienced managers and practitioners of G20 countries and developing countries

The application deadline for the program is January 26th , 2020.    

As part of the Korean government’s dedication to the G20 Development Agenda set forth in the Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth, each participant will be hosted by the KDI School and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. All program fees have been waived and all participants will be entitled to roundtrip airfare, housing, meals and a modest stipend while attending the program.

Please find below the link to the online application. 

(Link via Google)  https://forms.gle/cZ5gCAayfWtND356A

For more detailed information regarding the Global Leadership Program, please refer to the attached materials for your information.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

International Cooperation Division

International Cooperation and Capacity Building Department

Office of Development Research and International Cooperation

KDI School of Public Policy and Management 

** Those who have participated in the G20 Global Leadership Program or other ODA programs funded by KDI School of Public Policy and Management in the last two years will be considered as a contingent candidate when the applications are being reviewed.

[Attached File] G20 Global Leadership Program Leaflet

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