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KDI School of Public Policy and Management(KDI국제정책대학원)- 2022 Spring Admission

KDI School of Public Policy and Management is a graduate school founded with an authorization from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development. Based on Korea's experience in economic development, the School was established to educate and develop the next generation of leaders and has invited key personnel from economic and policy-related departments around the world over the past 24 years to contribute to fostering foreign outstanding individuals.

Please refer to the details of 2022 Spring admissions as follows:

1. Program

A. MPP (Master of Public Policy)

B. MDP (Master of Development Policy)

C. MPM (Master of Public Management)

D. MIPD (Master in Intellectual Property and Development Policy)

2 Education Period

- About 1.5 year (students may stay for 1 year in Korea)

3. Academic Schedule

A. Online Application: September 6 (9:00) - September 27 (18:00), 2021 (KST)

B. Document Review: September 28 – November 4

C. Document Review Result: November 5

D. Interview: November 15-19, 2021

E. Final Result: December 6, 2021

F. Program Entrance: February 2022

4. Scholarship

A. GAS(Global Ambassador Scholarship)

- Requirement: All overseas students who meet the Degree Qualification

- Benefits: Tuition waiver, Monthly stipend of 1,000,000 KRW

B. Seoul G20

- Requirement: All overseas students who meet the Degree Qualification and one of the following requirements

*From non-G20 Countries:

- Division head level in the public sector (or)

- Over 6 years of work experience in the public sector

*From G20 Countries:

- Having over 1 year of work experience (internship, fellowship, employment, etc.) in the public sector or study/research experience in fields related to Korean Studies will have more preference for selection

- Benefits: Tuition waiver, Monthly stipend of 1,200,000 KRW, Round-trip airfare

5. Contact information & FAQ for Admissions

A. Admissions Coordinator: Ahyeon Kim

B. Contact information: Website)

Tel) +82-44-550-1211


6. 2022 Spring Admission Online Open House

A. Date and time: September 4, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. (KST)

B. Program: introduction of KDI School, offered programs, meeting with students, information of scholarship benefits and more

C. Pre-registration link:


- The YouTube link will be sent to registered participants only

1. 모집분야

가. MPP (Master of Public Policy : 정책학 석사)

나. MDP (Master of Development Policy : 개발정책학 석사)

다. MPM (Master of Public Management : 공공관리학 석사)

라. MIPD (Master in Intellectual Property and Development Policy : 지식재산·개발정책학)

2. 교육기간: 약 1~1.5년 (한국체류기간 1년)

3. 전형일정

가. 원서접수 : 2021. 9. 6.(월) ~ 9. 27.(월) (18:00 KST)

나. 서류전형 : 2021. 9. 28.(화) ~ 11. 4.(목)

다. 서류전형 합격자 발표 : 2021. 11. 5.(금)

라. 면접전형 : 2021. 11. 15.(월) ~ 11.19.(금)

마. 합격자 발표 : 2021. 12. 6.(월)

바. 학기 시작 : 2022년 2월 중

4. 장학

가. GAS(Global Ambassador Scholarship)

- 조건: 대학원 학위 조건을 충족하고, 외국 국적을 가진 자

- 혜택: 등록금 면제, 생활보조장학금

나. Seoul G20

- 조건: 대학원 학위조건을 충족하고, 다음 조건 중 하나를 충족하는 자

*G20 회원국

1) 공공기관에서 1년 이상의 경력자 또는

2) 한국정책 관련 경력 또는 경험(인턴십, 펠로우십, 재직경력 등)이 있거나, 한국학 관련 수학 또는 연구경험이 있는 자

*G20 비회원국

1) 공공기관 과장급 이상 중견간부인 자 또는

2) 공공기관 내 6년 이상의 경력자

- 혜택: 등록금 면제, 생활보조장학금, 항공권

5. 입학문의

가. 담당자명 : 김아현

나. 연락처 : (전화) 82-44-550-1211/1220

6. 2022 봄학기 온라인 입학설명회

가. 일시: 2021. 9. 4. (토) 오전 10:30 (KST)

나. 내용: KDI대학원 및 석사과정 소개, 재학생과의 만남, 장학혜택 공개

다. 사전등록 링크:

[붙임1]2022년도 봄학기 모집요강
Download PDF • 1.41MB
[붙임2]2022년도 봄학기 모집 웹포스터_배포용
Download PDF • 2.05MB
[붙임3]2022년도 봄학기 온라인 입학설명회 웹포스터
Download PDF • 209KB

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