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Korean Class in K-12 US Schools


CKEC sponsors Korean regular/afterschool classes in public schools (K-12) in Midwest states. 

Please contact us if you are interested in opening a new Korean class in your school.


  • 21 Schools(High: 10, Middle: 2, Elementary: 2, Elem.+ Middle: 2, Elem.~High: 2): IL (8), MI (1), OH (6), KY (5), MN (1)

  • 60 Classes(Regular: 51,  After school: 9)

  • 1,303 Students (Regular: 1,123,  After school: 180)


  • Financial Support: Grant  for operating  Korean  classes

  • Other Support: Awards and traveling to Korea for students, Workshop and training in Korea for teachers, Training in Korea for principals & administrators

  • Events : World Language Korean Festival

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News & Events

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