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[보도자료] 제2회 중서부 외국인 대학생 한국어 말하기 대회 THE SECOND MIDWEST KOREAN SPEECH CONTEST

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

2021년4월17일(토) 제2회 중서부 외국인 대학생 한국어 말하기 대회를 개최합니다.

THE SECOND MIDWEST KOREAN SPEECH CONTEST Saturday, April 17th, 2021 11:00 am~1:30 pm CST (12:00~2:30 pm, EST) via Zoom

  • Registration: March 29-April 10, 2021 and there is no fee for registration.

  • Eligibility and Requirement One contestant per college in each level will compete at this contest. This contest is open to all college students who are currently taking or have taken within a year a Korean language course at a college in the Midwest area. All contestants should submit their speech script in level-appropriate language when they register.

  • Topics -Free topic -A person whom I admire the most(except family) -My belief, my dream or my life -My encounter with Korea -My opinion on current social or cultural issues

  • Speech Length -Beginning Level: 1-2 minutes -Intermediate Level: 2-3 minutes -Advanced Level: 4-5 minutes

  • Awards and Prizes Highest Standing Awards (1 in each level) : A scholarship for studying Korean at Kyung Hee University or Sogang University or Sungkyunkwan University plus airfare $1,000 -Excellent Awards (1 in each level) : $800 per person Honorable Mentions (3 in Beginning level, 2 in intermediate level, 2 in Advanced level ) : $500 per person All participants will receive participation souvenirs

  • Inquiries: Hyo Sang Lee(Co-chair) Indiana University, Ihnhee Kim (Co-chair) Northwestern University,

보도자료_제2회 미중서부 외국인 대학생 한국어 말하기 대회 개최
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