2019 GKS-IP (Global Korea Scholarship Invitation Program) for Students from Partner Countries

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The government of the Republic of Korea invites excellent students from

partner countries for this short-term training program, managed by the

National Institute for International Education (NIIED), Ministry of Education.

This program is designed to offer the future global leaders with invaluable

experience in Korea. Students who are interested in this program are cordially


1. Period : July 9th(Tuesday) ~ July 19th(Friday), 2019

2. Number of students : 7 students (5 high school students and 2

university students) ※ Total Number of Students : 120 from 56 countries

3. Qualifications

- Those enrolled at a high school that offers Korean language classes; and

- Those with a high level of Korean proficiency and with a good command

at spoken English.


- Priority is given to the students with a higher TOPIK level while taking

Korean language courses with better academic achievements.

- Priority is given to the students who have never been in Korea.

4. Payment of program expenses

- NIIED : Round trip air ticket, accommodation in Korea, and traveler’s


- Students : Transportation fare in his/her country, visa processing fees

5. Program

- Lectures (Korean language, history, economics, culture, etc.)

- Government Office Visits

- University Tours

- Field Trip to Historic Sites (Gyeongju, Gyeongbok Palace, the National Museum of Korea, etc.)

- Field Trip to Korean Companies (POSCO, Hyundai Motor Company, Samsung Electronics, etc.)

- Cultural Activities (Nanta Concert, Traditional Korean Clothes and Food)

- Homestay (2~3 students per family)

- Other activities (Visits to a Broadcasting Station, a Korean Folk, Village, and an Amusement Park, etc.)

※ Attention! The above program is subject to change.

6. Submission for Application

Application form had been provided the Korean teachers at the qualified schools

7. Important Notes

- The program will be offered in English.

- Shared accommodation with decent facilities will be offered.

- Meals will be mostly Korean food.

- The program staff will be with students during the whole program.

- It is not allowed to have a private schedule during the whole program.

- Students are encouraged to make efforts to understand Korean language,

education, culture and etc. by visiting our website(www.studyinkorea.go.kr)

before their arrival in Korea.

- For further information, please contact the Korean Education Center in

Korean Embassy at education.office@mofa.go.kr.

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