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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

On March 10th, we notified you that the April TOPIK has been canceled and it is rescheduled on October 17 due to COVID-19.

However, we are very sorry to inform you again that the rescheduled October test has been also canceled.

Instead, we decided to offer 2020 TOPIK at the ILLINOIS LOCATION ONLY this NOVEMBER.

This test is for people who registered for the canceled April test. (We might be able to take new applications in early September if there are seats available, so please check our website again on Sep.1 or email

The number of applicants will be limited up to 50 each TOPIK 1 Level and TOPIK 2 Level for distancing, and we will try to provide a safe environment for applicants.

* Address: 9960 Capitol Drive, Wheeling, IL (Korean Cultural Center of Chicago), Event Hall 1 * DATE: NOVEMBER 14, 2020 (Saturday) * Time: TOPIK 1  9:10~11:20 AM / TOPIK 2  12:20~4:20 PM If you still want to take the test this year, please don't delay submitting the form below.

(The option will be inactive if the number reaches 50 each level.)

Please submit the form if you cannot take the November test and want to get a refund, too. (<- This form is for the April test applicants only)

If you already got your application fee refunded, you don't need to submit the survey. 

We will refund the application fee to all other applicants as soon as possible. The next test will be held in April 2021 at the IL and other states(TBD), and the detailed plan and online registration will be available early January next year on our website.

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