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NEWL (National Examination for World Language) 한국어시험 정보

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

What Is NEWL?

A functional language-based assessment for high school students wishing to demonstrate and gain recognition for their foreign language skills, whether in the form of college credit or placement (university dependent).

  • Registration Due Date: 3/30/2019  

  • Registration website:

  • Testing Date: 4/30 (Tue), 5/4 (Sat), 5/21/2019 (Tue)

  • Testing Center: AC 에 등록하면 AC에서 셑엎해 줌

  • Testing Fee: $93.00 (학교에서 reduced meal 을 받는 학생들은 $53.00 만 지불함.) 

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