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Summer Intensive Korean Class for Youth (age 12-18) 중고생 여름 한국어 수업

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

< Summer Intensive Korean Class for Youth 중고생 여름 한국어 수업>

□ Class Schedule: July 26th ~ August 6th, 2021 (Mon~Fri, Total 10 classes)

□ Requirement : 12 to 18 years old and must have 2nd Corona Vaccination completed

□ Level

-Novice Group (limited to 15 people): 10:00am-11:00am

This class is for those who have no experience of learning Korean or don't know Hangul

-Beginner Group (limited to 15 people): 11:00am-12:00pm

This class is for those who have difficulty reading and writing Korean and want to communicate more comfortably in Korean

□ Registration fee: $20

□ Course registration : Please register for Novice Class through this link, and Beginner Class through this link from July 2 to 20.

*부모님을 위한 자녀교육 특강'은 취소되었습니다. 죄송합니다.

< Benefits for Parents: 부모님을 위한 자녀교육 특강 >

Chicago Korean Education Center offers a special lecture for parents. The lecture will be provided in English and Korean respectively.

□ Instructor (강사): Professor Yoojin Choi of North Park University (최유진 교수님)

* Phillips Exeter Academy 교사 경력, Harvard University 입학사정 경험 등

□ Topic (주제): Educating the Whole Person (21세기 인재)

□ Place: Event Hall 1 (Korean Cultural Center of Chicago, Wheeling)

□ Date and time

-English: July 28(Wed) 10:00am~11:00am

-Korean: July 28(Wed) 11:00am~12:00pm

□ Requirement: Must have 2nd Corona vaccination completed

□ Registration: Please register for English lecture through this link, and Korean lecture through this link from July 2 to 20. Only for 30 seats in each lecture

□ Inquire: Korean Education Center in Chicago (847-777-8830–8832,

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