[TaLK] Important Notice

Greetings from the TaLK Office in Korea,

We would like to share with you some important announcements regarding the February 2021 intake, along with the future of the TaLK Program in relation to the COVID-19 situation.

Recently, the COVID-19 situation has become more serious with the sudden rise in the number of confirmed cases, which has caused Korea to increase the level of restrictions. As such, quarantine provisions are being strictly enforced, and any foreigner that violates COVID-19 guidelines and regulations will be required to pay for all related medical costs if they are confirmed to have the virus.

With the rise in the number of cases, the major issue we are facing at the moment is finding a quarantine facility that can accept a large number of foreigners at one time, as many facilities are already full. The quarantine process will be required until the COVID-19 situation has greatly improved, so until we are able to secure a quarantine facility, we will be pausing the application process indefinitely.

If we are able to continue with the application process before the start of the new semester in February, then we will start by contacting applicants who have been waitlisted from the August 2020 intake, who were promised priority during the application process last term. If scholarships are still available after that, then we will process both the February 2021 intake applications and the August 2020 intake deferral applications. However, due to an expected decrease of available positions, we will only proceed with the current application pool and have no plans to reopen the online application unless necessary.

If we are not able to process any applications for a February intake, then no applications will be deferred or rolled over to any future intakes. A new application with new documentation must be submitted for the August 2021 intake and onward.

Should we continue with the application process, you will be contacted directly by the head TaLK Office (Seoul). All applicants will be processed by the Seoul office and as such, all required documents should be sent to the Seoul office. With the nature of the situation, we ask all applicants to please contact the Seoul office directly if you have any questions, preferably via email. When contacting the office by phone, please note that we will only respond to inquiries made directly by the applicant. We will not provide any information regarding specific applications to unrelated parties, including (but not limited to) family members, partners, and friends. Korean language ability is not required for contacting our office, as our coordinator is a native English speaker.

Any updates to the application process will be posted on our website and also emailed to all relevant applicants.

If you have any questions, please email talkkorea@korea.kr.

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